LooLoo Kids

Do you know LooLoo Kids?
LooLoo Kids is designed to engage children through a series of upbeat songs and colorful animations. As the creator of the Best Children's Song on YouTube, LooLoo Kids is now the main destination of education and entertainment for children worldwide.

ln what way does LooLoo Kids connect with families?
LooLoo Kids has become synonymous with kids'songs and nursery rhymes. It is also an inspirational source and educational support for preschool and English-learning materials.

What kinds of collaboration are especially suitable for LooLoo Kids?
The songs from LooLoo Kids bring infinite fun and magic to children, which help stimulate learning and interest. it is also the best support for children to learn a second language. The lovely characters of LooLoo Kids can be applied to children's clothing, stationery, toys, etc.

How popular are they?
Since its Youtube launch, LooLoo Kids has attracted more than 100M subscribers and brought together an audience of over 350M families worldwide. LooLoo Kids has been voted the Best Children's Song, with 60B views!

Can you tell me one interesting thing about LooLoo Kids?
LooLoo Kids' animated music videos tell the story of Johny through nursery rhymes.ABC Song is the most popular video, featuring Johny who plays on the slide and waters the flowers, bringing the alphabet song to life.

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