Love Diana

Do you know Kids Diana Show?
The world's #1 YouTube Children's reality show, sharing Diana's daily life and play with her family and friends.

In what way does Kids Diana Show connect with families?
Kids Diana Show's videos include children's songs, toy unboxings, vlogging, educational content and pretend play. Let the children immerse themselves and grow up with Diana.

What kinds of collaboration are especially suitable for Kids Diana Show?
Diana is a young and energetic girl. There are many ways to collaborate with the brand! Real person endorsement can convey vivid brand experience, while its animated imagery can also be widely used for brand customization.

How popular are they?
lt has accumulated over 78 million fans worldwide, with some videos' viewing already exceeding 1 billion times. As of May 2021, the viewership on Tencent Video has reached10 million in Chinese Mainland.

Can you tell me one interesting thing about Kids Diana Show?
6-year-old Diana gets 5 billion views a month on YouTube. Pocket.watch is betting she can be a billion-dollar brand for girls.

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